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Firefox 1.0: the NY Times ad

As the release of Firefox 3 draws nearer, I thought it might be fun to look back at the NY Times 2-page advertisement from December 15th, 2004. You can get the full PDF from my site, but here's a couple of smaller shots of it:

Firefox Ad: Page 1

Firefox Ad: Page 2

And, hidden in the piece of land eminating from the fox's nether regions, is my name. Can you spot it?

Firefox Ad: Closeup

In the 3+ years since it was released, Firefox has done amazingly well, sitting at around a 17% market-share right now according to netapplications. It pleases me to see an open source project scale to the level that Firefox has, take on the status quo and do so well. Version 3 Beta 4 looks pretty nice on the Mac too.