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iPod Serial and the Nunchuk

I uploaded a new sample sketch for my iPodSerial library that uses the Wii Nunchuk to control the iPod. I used todbot’s WiiChuck adaptor to connect the Nunchuk to the Arduino.

The Wii Nunchuk has a joystick, from which you can read the X and Y axes, a Z button, a C button and the 3-axis accelerometer. I mapped the controls so that: left/right on the joystick is skip forward/backward; up/down on the joystick is scroll up/down; Z button is Play; c button is Ok/Select; and a tilt backward (using the Y axis of the accelerometer) is the menu button.

You could of course map them any way you wanted to.

Here’s a quick video of it in action (the Arduino is off-screen to the right).