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BugLabs: Pictures of the real thing

Last week, the folks at Buglabs posted pictures of the real device. It's not what you'd call Apple-pretty but I like it because of that; it has a clunkiness to it that just appeals to me (although I like my PowerMac and MacBook too, don't get me wrong). Engadget posted an article when the pictures were released, including some shots that don't show up on the press page. My favourite of those is a shot of the label that reads "Series 1.0 HIRO P." Nice little nod to Snow Crash there.

I noticed tonight that one of the press images, which is labelled "Community Applications Image", is the one that they used on the t-shirt they sent me, and it includes the name of the first app that I posted: GpsLogger (which still doesn't log; I ought to get on that, huh).

Buglabs Community Applications

Engadget Buglabs Photo: HIRO P.