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USENET Nostalgia

I found what were likely my first USENET postings today, courtesy of the information hoover that is Google (more specifically Google Groups in this case). Riveting stuff it is too.

Newsgroups: misc.forsale
From: d...@dcs.ed.ac.uk (David Findlay)
Date: 29 Jan 93 13:47:31 GMT
Local: Fri, Jan 29 1993 9:47 am
Subject: Sega Game Gear For Sale

I have a 7 month old Sega Game Gear for sale (I got a SNES you see).
It comes with the following :
6 games, TV adapter (turns it into a portable colour TV), AC adapter, rechargeable battery pack, car lighter adapter,
carry case for all the above + all instruction booklets, manuals and receipt for remainder of guarantee.

All this stuff cost me about 400 pounds so I will let it go for 250 ono (inc p+p).
Please e-mail me with offers.


Newsgroups: alt.fan.ren-and-stimpy
From: d...@dcs.ed.ac.uk (David Findlay)
Date: 3 Feb 93 14:07:24 GMT
Local: Wed, Feb 3 1993 10:07 am
Subject: R&S in the UK

Can anyone tell me if Ren and STimpy stuff is available in the UK?
My girlfriend is from Pennsylvania and I saw the specials on MTV there at Christmas, but I've never seen anything about them at home.

I'm very happy to say that my girlfriend back then is my now my wife and has been for 13 years!
This also reminds me that I sent a VHS tape to some guy in England with a tenner 'cos he said he'd tape some Ren and Stimpy episodes for me (I was eager to swot up to impress my girlfriend). He never returned it, but on the plus side I did find the lyrics to the log song on