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BugLabs: My first app came first...and last

So midnight last night was the cut off for the first BugLabs application bake off. No-one else had posted an application so it was looking like a sure thing. However the BugLabs folks decided to extend the deadline by a couple of weeks, to give people some more time. But very nicely they've decided to "reward" me for posting an app despite the issues with the SDK (which have been pretty minor).
One of the other testers is working on a new and improved version of my GpsLogger application. I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with. I bumped my version to 1.0.3 last night after factoring out the utility classes to a separate package and doing some general cleanup and documentation. I'm thinking about doing some webcam stuff with it next. There's a sample app that posts images to Flickr, but I'd like to do it more like a regular webcam. It would be pretty cool to update a picture every few minutes while you're out and about (assuming of course you have municipal WiFi...).