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BugLabs: New SDK

BugLabs pushed out an update to their SDK the other day. The status display on the VirtualBug now has 2 lines like the real one will have. They fixed a number of minor issues and also pushed through the pain to get it working on OS X. So do I switch back to working on my MacBook or do I stay pure and keep on working on Bug stuff on my Etch box?

One of the other beta testers, koolatron, took the simple GpsLogger app I pushed out and came up with a much nicer version, complete with a properly centered google tile and button-based zooming. I haven't had much time to spend on the Bug, between the release march at work and DIY stuff at home. I'm looking forward to messing around with it again, but it probably won't be this week.

Oh, I got a very nice email from the BugLabs marketing guy Jeremy:


Just wanted to let you know your first prize is coming at ya. Please know it might show up in a fairly generic package, but it's unique and we spent a lot of time making something we thought had the right amount of personal touch. Hope you receive it as fondly as we sent it, and please let me know when it arrives - sometime next week I believe.


I'll post back when it arrives.