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OnSoftware Video Podcast

OnSoftware is putting out some pretty neat video podcasts right now. As a (predominately) C++ guy, I found the ones with Bjarne Stroustrup, Herb Sutter and Scott Meyers to be particularly interesting.

They're making me eager for C++0x to get here! I realize it's going to be a while though: to my knowledge, Microsoft still haven't said when Visual C++ will have TR1 support, never mind C++0x. I can live with getting my shared_ptr fix from the the Boost libraries for now, but having shared pointers fully and officially in the language, along with things like lambda functions, will certainly make life easier.

Note that you can get TR1 now from Dinkumware, and they'll likely be first to put out proper C++0x support once it's ratified (fingers crossed for 2009). P.J. Plauger and Pete Becker are very nice to deal. Indeed, we used Dinkumware on Windows CE 4.2 so that we could make use of streams. Unfortunately for our application, it's tough to justify the overhead of an alternate library, and we had problems on other people's devices that exported C++ APIs in their SDKs (they would export a function that returned a Microsoft std::wstring for example, which isn't binary compatible with a Dinkumware std::wstring so we'd end up wrapping their SDK in C: very ugly).