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vmware spamming me; sneakemail saves the day

So a while back, I signed up for the VMware Fusion beta. Shortly thereafter I started getting a ton of all the usual delightful varietes of spam through the address I have them. Now I use sneakemail, so the email address I gave them was actually a sneakemail alias that I set up specifically and solely for that purpose. Now that their mailing list has made it to the spammers, I can simply go into my sneakemail control panel and send that alias to the bitbucket. If you haven't come across sneakemail before, I highly recommend that you take a look. They have a free offering, but the real power is in the autoaddressing keys that you get with the paid account, which is only $2/month.

I'm surprised, and a little disappointed, that a company of VMware's stature would let their mailing lists get abused like this though.