David Findlay

Badminton Scoreboard II: Bare

I managed to find my AVRISP mkII and I had a regulator and resonator and other sundry parts necessary, so I switched the Badminton Scoreboard from an Arduino to a bare ATmega168 on the breadboard, just because I hadn’t tried that before. Getting the Arduino boot loader onto it was easy, using the Arduino IDE. Getting the sketch onto it was unnecessarily complicated: for one, there are out of date instructions out there telling you that you need to edit the Arduino IDE settings file by hand: you don’t any more — you just need to hold down Shift when you press the Upload button, or choose File/Upload Using Programmer; and for two, Upload Using Programmer has a bug, where it will fail if you don’t have any device connected via USB serial, even though you aren’t actually going to program a device over USB serial. I plugged in a Spark Core and it merrily went on it way and used the programmer to get the sketch onto the 168.

So it’s still a rats nest of jumper cables, but no more Arduino board:

Bare 168 Badminton Scoreboard